Automatic Batching Plants


Weigh and Seal Automated Batching Systems substantially improve the efficiency of powder and bulk, or liquid materials handling. Custom-engineered systems increase output and product consistency, eliminate waste, and provide robust production data collection and reporting.

For small as well as large operations, an automated weigh batching system can pay for itself fairly rapidly through increased productivity, more-accurate measurement of ingredients (resulting in better product quality), minimization of product loss and dust, and reductions in the cost of materials purchased in larger containers and/or volumes.

Batching systems manage formulation, raw material lot tracking, inventory & usage, alarms for abnormal conditions, hand add additions (semi-automatic), move tickets to insure the batch is being properly sequenced, and system parameters customized for each application and complete batch validation.

By automating your mixing, blending or batching system, you can ensure your products are uniform, across different machines, different shifts and even different plants. Automated blending and batching can also help you by:

Improve Product Quality : By providing a more-accurate and consistent mixture.

Reducing raw material waste: By knowing exactly what is consumed, you can minimize your material usage variance and improve your forecasting.

Save time: Operators no longer have to waste time fiddling around to get the right amount in the batch. Pre-programmed recipes also allow them to switch between products at the touch of a button.

Increase in efficiency: Automated batching systems can monitor when an ingredient has run out. The system is shut down and the operator alerted to restock, via email if necessary. This improves your equipment utilization and ensures you’re getting product out the door as efficiently as possible.

Traceability: the system can record what went into each batch and when, providing you traceability for compliance and quality purposes.

Key Features:

Batching system automation screen
Batching of dry & liquid materials; micro, minor and bulk ingredients
Inventories unlimited number of raw materials
Tolerance control for accurate weights and batch integrity
Designed for compatibility with existing equipment
RFID and/or barcode scanning
Lot tracking & validation features
Automation of mixers
Automation of upstream and downstream equipment
Turnkey system design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and training provided
Major, minor and micro ingredient batching systems
Fully-automated systems include all necessary powder blenders, scaling, metering, conveyors, controls, dust collection, and specialized product transfer equipment
Local network compatible
Bag specification and suspension eliminates the need for bulk bag
conditioners in the vast majority of cases
Systems, metering, operator interface and powder blenders are ISO compliant
Ongoing technical support
Upgrades to maintain future technology