Tank Weighing Scales


Weigh and seal service systems provides bulk weighing systems to meet vessel or tank weighing requirements. With years of experience we provide weighing solutions to industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals to food and drink, engineering, extraction and agriculture. We provide right type of load cell assembly for the tank or vessel which is very essential for the success of Vessel and Tank Weighing. We provide complete solution right from Load cell installation, connecting all the load cells to j-box, System calibration, to testing the whole tank weighing system.


Any type of tank, any capacity can weighed
Variety of Load cells available to suit application & budget
Choice of weight Transmitters, controllers
Gain-in-weight, Loss-in-weight & Flow Rate applications
Standard Industrial protocol for PLC, DCS & SCADA
Flameproof/water proof tanks can be provided
Foaming and Non-foaming applications
Safety interlocks are in built